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Top 7 Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Humans have been evolving things according to their comfort and convenience for thousands of years. For traveling, cars and planes are discovered, and voice and video calls are introduced for communication. Similar to all these inventions, washing machines are found to reduce human efforts while washing clothes.

In the late 19 century, this excellent equipment was introduced to the public, and the dependence is increasing day by day. The ordinary washing machine has now evolved into a fully automatic washing machine. If you were looking for the best washing machine, then here are a few of them:

Bosch Fully Automatic Front Loading

7 kg 5 Star Inverter Touch Control Fully Automatic Front Loading with In-built Heater

Bosch presents this fully automatic washing machine as one of the most trusted brands. This machine comes with a 99.9% bacterial reduction system and will allow the user to perform the washing 65% faster without compromising the quality of the washing. It has non-vibrating side panels, which makes it super quiet. The machine is silent, robust, and reliable for home use.

This machine will fulfill the needs and requirements of a family with about 5-6 members. It comes with a 7 kg capacity, which is more than enough for a family of 5-6 members. More importantly, you will get a manufacturer warranty of 2 years and a motor warranty of 12 years.


  • Drums are designed not to harm your clothes but to provide the best results from strains.
  • Washing clothes without disturbing others with its silent compatibility.
  • The LED display is given to track the functions, operations, and other information.
  • The spinning speed is about 1200 RPM.


  • Less number of color options are available.


  • This washing machine is quiet and doesn’t create so much noise.
  • The gentle wash compatibility doesn’t damage clothes and eliminates the thought strains as well.
  • It comes with a pause button to stop the machine temporarily between the wash.

IFB Fully Automatic Front Loading Machine

6 Kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine
(Diva Aqua SX, Silver, Express wash)

This will be the best alternative for the small family who wants a washing machine for their household use. It offers you the best wash quality, saves energy, and is highly efficient. It is equipped with an 800 RPM speed motor for fast washing.

One of the most significant advantages of this washing machine is that it doesn’t cause any kind of damage to your clothes. There is no need to worry about the warranty; the company claims four years of manufacturing warranty and a 10 years warranty for the motor.

IFB front load washing machine Sale


  • Fully automatic washing machine with front load system.
  • Offers eight wash programs
  • Child lock options to prevent any kind of accident by your child or per animal.
  • Auto tab clean program optimal to clean the tub after every 40 wash.


  • 6 kg capacity is not enough even for a small family.


  • It comes with a built-in device to add the detergent accordingly.
  • Built-in heater to warm and hot the water for a gentle wash.
  • Users can add the laundry during the wash cycle.
  • It supports the effective wash-off of all clothes, including woolen, gotten, and fabric.

Samsung Front Loading Washing Machine

6.0 Kg Inverter 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (White, Hygiene Steam)

Samsung is a leading brand in the market known for its practical and advanced products. This machine is presented by Samsung and is a Fully automatic washing machine with an intelligent display and abundant features. It has a soft curl design that prevents the clothes from being damaged. The 6 kg capacity is perfect for a family of about 5-6 members.

One of the most significant specifications of this washing machine is its Ceramic heater which will heat the water and make the washing machine ready to wash clothes with hot water. There is no need to add warm water from outside.

lg front load washing machine sale


  • There is a powerful steam cycle that enhances the quality of the wash.
  • The quick wash program is fast, reliable, and saves your crucial time.
  • It includes 10 wash programs with a super-fast 1000 RPM motor.
  • It comes with a Ten-year warranty on the motor and a three-year manufacturer warranty.


  • There is no child lock system to prevent any accident.


  • Samsung is a branded company, and you get the best possible products with genuine accessories equipped.
  • There is no issue to avail the warranty of the machine.
  • The machine will create significantly less noise and vibrations.
  • It’s best for your family and saves a lot of time with its super-fast wash programs.

 LG Top Loading Washing Machine.

6.5 Kg – 5 Star Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine, Middle Free Silver

It is one of the best-branded washing machines available at a reasonable price. This washing machine is equipped with an intelligent investor motor which saves electricity and is power efficient. It is equipped with a 700 RPM motor for more relevant washing.

This fully automatic washing machine comes with a manufacturing warranty of about 2 years and a motor warranty of about 10 years. Terms and conditions applied. A small family can rely on this product blindly for all their washing needs and requirements.

Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine


  • The motor is protected with a BMC motor protection cover which will prevent dust, humidity, and other impurities from entering the engine and damaging it.
  • The motor is connected with a turbo, eliminating all the strains and not particles from your clothes.
  • The hygienic washing will prevent the unpleasant smell from the tub.
  • It comes with a capacity of about 6.5 kg, which is perfect for a middle-sized family.


  • The capacity of the tank is also significantly less. It may be filled with a couple of clothes.


  • LG is a branded company, and you will quickly get all the parts and accessories of the machine if it gets damaged.
  • Warranty is provided for both motor and frame.
  • The protection cover of the engine makes its life double that of an ordinary washing machine motor.

Whirlpool Top Loading Washing Machine

7.5 Kg 5 Star Royal Plus Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (Support Hard Water Wash)

We can say consider this washing machine an intelligent gadget with artificial intelligence. It has a clever feature that automatically senses the water type and enables the mode accordingly. Even after the power cut, the washing machine will start from the place where it was left. This whirlpool washing machine offers a capacity of about 7.5 kg, which is enough for a family of 6-7 members. The high-speed motor will eliminate the toughest stains in a single wash.


  • It comes with more than 12 wash programs for all types of clothes and fabrics.
  • Only three buttons will perform the complete wash cycle.
  • It is equipped with a LED digital display to support the modern presentation system.
  • It is five stars rated washing machine with the ability to consume minimum water and provide maximum output.


  • The noise level is slightly higher than the other washing machines on our list.


  • As Whirlpool always introduced new technologies. With this fully automatic washing machine, you will get Spiro to wash, and this mode will wash the clothes in a unique, complete circular motion, which will eliminate all the strains and dust particles.
  • It has modern ZPF Technology, which will assure that the wash tub is filled 40% faster even if the water pressure is as low as 17mpa.

 Samsung 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine

6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine – Imperial Silver, Diamond Drum

Another intelligent washing machine from Samsung is Easy to use with its user-friendly features and specifications. It offers 6 wash programs and modes for all types of clothes and fabrics. Air turbo, water level selector, and auto restart are some of its best features.

It is equipped with a central jet technology for effective and efficient washing. It is equipped with a 680 RPM motor which is enough according to the capacity of this washing machine. You don’t need to worry about your woolen clothes, and the device will wash them gently.


  • Gives you the relevant and best washing experience.
  • Equipped with the LED control panel and screen to display information regarding the wash.
  • Keep the stored water fresh for some days without adding any kind of harsh and harmful chemicals.
  • Equipped with the diamond drum for gentle fabric care, especially woolen clothes.


  • As the price is low, you can’t see special features and modes on this washing machine, and it is made for a reasonable price only.


  • This washing machine is best for a middle-class family of about 5-6 members.
  • Samsung is one of the best brands and will fulfill all the needs and requirements related to customer service.
  • The body is made up of steel, so there is no rusting issue with the machine.

Panasonic Top Loading Washing Machine

6.5 kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Panasonic is a Japan-based company, and we all are aware of the advancement of Japanese technology. The same technology is used to manufacture this washing machine. It has a 360-watt powerful motor that supports heavy washing, suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

If you are in a hurry, you can use its Audry mode, which will dry the clothes as soon as possible. This machine is specially made according to India’s weather and climatic conditions. The biggest thing is its price. Anyone from a middle-class background can easily afford this washing machine.


  • 15-minute wash for all kinds of clothes and fabrics.
  • It has two wash programs and a buzzer system to make you aware of the washing completion.
  • The durable and rigid frame of the washing machine makes it last for years.
  • The body is made of carbon and plastic, so there is no need to worry about rust.


  • There is no child lock system in the washing machine.


  • It is equipped with a powerful motor that is 1350 RPM and it comes with watts watt.
  • Easy to move from one place to another due to its mobile compatibility.
  • Panasonic is a brand and has a strong influence in the market. Its fully automatic washing machine looks cool at your home.

How to choose the best automatic washing machine?

Hence, now you know the best washing machines available at a reasonable price. But still, some of the customers may face issues in selecting the best washing machine, and there is only one question in their mind, “how do you choose the best automatic washing machine?”

Well! Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind while buying a washing machine:

Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  • Family members: Choose the washing machine according to the number of family members there are at your home.
  • Price: All of you must have a budget to buy a washing machine; keep in mind to buy a machine as per your budget.
  • Features and specifications: Try to find any fully automatic washing machine in the best price range.
  • Brand value: The big brands always follow all the rules and regulations of the safety measures. So invest in any big brand like LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Whirlpool, etc.
  • Warranty period: The warranty period plays a vital role. So, make sure to buy something with an extended warranty period, especially for the motor and frame.
  • Motor power and RPM: A washing machine is known for its powerful motor so, choose a washing machine that is equipped with an energy-efficient motor.
  • Does it fulfill your needs or not? See your requirements like you are using it for domestic or commercial purposes, and then go for any washing machine that will meet all your needs and requirements within your budget.


Buying a washing machine is an excellent investment of money. So make sure to buy the best fully automatic washing machine with all essential features and specifications.

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