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3 Fastest Prestige Electric Rice Cooker for Professionals

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This gives you best informative about prestige electric rice cooker for professionals

We all know that there is a shortage of time in this fast life, when we live alone in student life or we are a professionals. Sometimes we do not have enough time to cook food in a hurry, in this situation rice is such a food that cooks quickly, but it is necessary to have the right equipment to cook food.

After doing a lot of research, this article recommends you top 3 fastest prestige electric rice cooker for professionals. You must have one of the powerful kitchen appliances among Indian households that allow you to cook and serve fast while you’re on a busy schedule. Rice is preferable food all over India. You can find it in almost any part of the country, which is easy to cook and to serve quickly.

In this article, we have listed the best 3 prestige electric rice cookers that are not only good but also these cookers are the best for boiling the rice and save a lot of nutrients that are washed away in general cooking.

Without further ado, let’s find these prestige electric rice cooker

9.1 out of 10
Ease of Use
4.7 out of 10
Look & Feel
9.3 out of 10
8.5 out of 10


This rice cooker comes with additional cooking pans.

It has the capacity to cook rice up-to 1.7kg.

High-quality stainless steel lid.

Double-wall body with convenient cool-touch handles.


Lead to deal with improper deliveries for cooker damage.

You can cook the entire menu using this iconic electric rice cooker. Prestige delight electric rice cooker offers an excellent set of electric cookers that are perfect for cooking porridge, soups, idlis, boiled vegetables, etc. In a convenient manner without time.

It comes with amazing features like speed cooking, staying hot, etc. It has a stainless steel close-fitted lid, and you’ll find two aluminum cooking pans with a cool-touch handle. You can cook up to 1.7 kg rice once in this prestige electric rice cooker.

Everyone loves automatic cooking equipment in this modern cooking. And in keeping with this trend, the brand has offered a control switch lever, which helps with automatic cooking. As a result, cooked rice is automatically changed to contain ‘warm’.

Best feature Of Prestige Delight Electric Rice Cooker:

  • Prestige delight electric rice cooker is an up to date, modern and best appliance that allows you to cook quality, healthy and safe food.
  • Excellent for cooking a new variety of food like pulao, soup, stew, and vegetables in no time.
  • This stunning rice cooker comes with a measuring cup, additional cooking pans, and a rice scoop.
  • Comes with an aluminum cooking pan for long-lasting
  • It has a tightly fitted lid made of stainless steel to avoid rust and also a great feature to keep your food warm in the warm mode.

2. Prestige Electric Rice Cooker

8.2 out of 10
Prestige Electric Rice Cooker 1.8 litre

Prestige Delight Electric Rice Cooker, Cool Touch Handles, Additional Cooking Pan.

9.1 out of 10
Ease of Use
4.4 out of 10
Look & Feel
9 out of 10
Easy to clean
9 out of 10
9.5 out of 10


Easy to use

Good price

Sturdy build and ergonomics


Incompatible with old versions

Hard to assemble

Bad color combination

This prestige is one of the best rice cookers for home use, which is known for its features. It is a beautiful, attractive and easy to use prestige electric rice cooker.

The prestige cooker comes with a double pan made with aluminum that allows users to cook some other items such as soup, pulao, idli, and oatmeal as well.

It is the best way to cook quality and healthy food as it uses steam in cooking. Besides, it comes with some great features that make this prestige cooker more attractive such as keep warm mode and speed ​​cooking option, which saves more precious time and provides healthier food in less time.

Electric rice cookers of this reputation have a great cooking capacity. You can cook up to 1 kg of rice at a time. In addition, it has a detachable power cord that makes it easy to carry.

You can cook a wide variety of foods with this electric prestige cooker. You can buy this cooker as it is essential for cooking equipment.

Best Feature Prestige Electric Rice Cooker

  • The prestige electric rice cooker comes with an additional cooking pan, measuring cups, and rice scoop.
  • The prestige cooker with its powerful 700-watt motor can cook up to 1 kg of rice.
  • The control switch lever helps in automatic cooking and has a hot model, which is an excellent feature for users, which allows in keeping hot food for a longer time.
  • The prestige electric cooker has become easy to carry due to its double-wall body and convenient cool-touch handle.
  • This cooker consists of a closed fit lid made of high-quality stainless steels, which protect the cooker from corrosion.

3. Prestige electric rice cooker 1.5 liter

7.3 out of 10
Prestige Electric Rice Cooker

Cool touch handles, Aluminum cooking pan
Stainless steel close fit lid.

9 out of 10
Ease of Use
4 out of 10
Look & Feel
9 out of 10
7 out of 10


Value for money

It is a warm functionality prestige electric rice cooker

Easy to clean rice cooker


You need to buy additional utensils separately

Now, i am presenting the most appealing range of prestige brand electric rice cookers. It is the best and best rice cooker for home use as it is easy to use and cook healthy foods in a short time.

You are not only ripe fruit, but you can also make a variety of dishes for your favorite foods with the help of this prestige cooker.

You can cook such types of foods like soup, casserole, idles, and steamed vegetables in a convenient and hassle free manner.

It is one of the most essential home kitchen appliances. It is prominent to have it in your kitchen to make rice or other food items in a short time.

Best Feature Prestige Electric Rice Cooker

  • Auto keep warm function is one of the great features of this electric cooker, which makes it more attractive.
  • It comes with a water level indicator that helps indicate the water level, gives you a water level indicator when the water level exceeds the limit, and helps prevent a technical problem in the cooker.
  • It has a capacity of cooking rice up to 1.5l at a time and can cook in a short time.
  • This prestige electric rice cooker comes with a high-quality close fit, made by stainless steel, which ensures that the cooking utensil retains the taste of your food, and also keeps the cooker from rusting.
  • In addition, this rice cooker comes with a cool-touch handle, which makes it easy to carry..

Conclusion – Prestige Electric Rice Cooker for Professionals

This article was on prestige electric rice cooker for professionals. I hope you’ll now have a clear idea about which one to buy. We have listed the top 3 prestige electric rice cookers, especially for Indian households.

Each prestige electric rice cooker has its exceptional features and benefits, and you can buy any of them. Hope this article will be helpful for you, whenever you buy electric rice cooker, you must consider all these factors.

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