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5 Best Ceiling Fans For Bedrooms in India

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A ceiling fan is very necessary in a place like India, where the temperature is constantly high. In India, ceiling fans are still in high demand practically year-round.

One of the least expensive ways to beat the summer heat is with a ceiling fan, which costs less and uses less energy than an air cooler.

Ceiling fans come in a wide variety of brands and styles, but not all of them are the best. There aren’t many companies that make high-quality fans.

So, these are some of the best ceiling fans for bedrooms that are also the most popular and have excellent customer ratings.

best ceiling fans for bedrooms

1. Havells Stealth Wood Ceiling Fan, India

Stealth Wood 80W Walnut Cola Chr Special Ceiling Fan, Sweep: 1250 Mm

The Havells Stealth Wood 1250 is our top pick. Many people consider this ceiling fan to be among the greatest bedroom ceiling fans. It has a 4 out of 5 customer rating, which is a pretty excellent rating.

One of the most intelligent ceiling fans, the stealthy wood can sense humidity and temperature and alter speed accordingly.

The smart fan connects to your Android or iOS device through Wi-Fi with ease, and you can control the speed right from your phone.

There are many options on it, including smart, breeze, and sleep modes. The best feature of this fan is how quickly you can schedule it using your phone, just like an air conditioner.

Anyone will notice this ceiling fan’s superb design, which is really appealing. It can rotate 280 times per minute and produce 280 cubic meters of air per second, which can quickly lower the temperature in your bedroom.

2. Crompton Silent Pro Enso Ceiling Fan

Pro Enso 1225 mm (48 inch) Activ BLDC Remote-controlled Ceiling Fan, Silk White

Since Crompton has been one of the top fan brands for the past 75 years or more, you must be familiar with their products. Crompton is the maker of this ceiling fan. There isn’t a finer ceiling fan than the Crompton when it comes to performance.

The fans’ aerodynamic design provides high-speed performance and energy efficiency by decreasing friction. This ceiling fan differs from other types of fans in the same range by using 20โ€“30% less energy when compared to models in a comparable price range.

The Crompton fan has a very sophisticated design and an updated design that enhances its elegance. The dual motor can propel the blade at a speed of up to 315 rpm and can produce 240 CMM of air. The Crompton is the best option available if you’re seeking a silent ceiling fan.

When you boost the noise by 10 dB, it becomes twice as loud as other fans, which run at 64 dB. However, this ceiling fan is twice as quiet as a typical ceiling fan, operating at 52 dB.

3. USHA Hideous Ceiling Fan

USHA Heleous 1220mm Premium BLDC Ceiling Fan with Rust-Free ABS Blades and RF Remote

One of the best ceiling fans for bedrooms is manufactured by USHA, and you know they manufacture one of the strongest and toughest ceiling fans on the market. It is so strong that it can easily last for 10+ years with no problems.

It has an advanced energy-saving design with an efficient bled motor that consumes energy of around 43 watts and can deliver 260 CMM of super-high air.

One of the best features about this ceiling fan is that you can easily control it through a remote control, and it has almost all the modern features with three different wind modes:

Natural mode, sleep mode, and the normal mode for fresh air. Overall, this ceiling fan performs well, and it can easily last for years with no problems. We highly recommend this ceiling fan if you are looking for a ceiling fan from USHA.

4 Havells Andria 1200mm Ceiling Fan

1200mm Dust Resistant Ceiling Fan, Espresso Brown!

The Havells Andria 1200mm is our fourth option. In that case, the Havells Andria is definitely a ceiling fan to look at if you’re on a tight budget. One of Haven’s best-selling fans, it has a customer rating of 4.5 out of 5, which is a respectable score.

The high-speed fan can whirl at a pace of 390 revolutions per minute while using only 75 watts of electricity and operating at a standard 220-240 volt supply.

The fan motor, balde set, canopy set, down rod, shackle, and warranty card are all included when you purchase the Havells Andria. It has a two-year warranty, by the way.

One drawback of this ceiling fan is that it lacks many features and modern technology. Overall, though, this is a respectable fan with a classy appearance that can bring harmony to your bedroom.

5 Long-Way Creta Remote Ceiling Fan

Long-way Creta 1200mm, 48 inch with remote High-Speed Anti-dust Decorative 5-Star Rated Ceiling Fan, 400 RPM, with 3-Year Warranty

Among the top bedroom ceiling fans for a reasonable price, check out the Long Way Creta if you’re on a tight budget and want a ceiling fan with all the latest features.

Nearly all of the qualities a modern fan should have are present in this ceiling fan. It has multiple settings and is Wi-Fi-operable.

These modes are quite useful in various weather conditions. The fan is fairly efficient and has a simple appearance. The fan’s best feature is that it uses 50 watts of electricity, which is less than other fans in the same price range. Furthermore, it makes a lot less noise overall.

This ceiling fan delivers enough air to effectively cool a space of around 12 by 14. It is extremely simple to maintain when we talk about it.

Conclusion: Best Ceiling Fans for Bedrooms

We have therefore covered practically all of the best ceiling fans for bedrooms, and I hope the guide has assisted you in finding your ceiling fans. One of the most necessary home appliances is a ceiling fan.

It not only aids in cooling the space but also gives it a classy appearance. With thorough study and consumer feedback, we have compiled a list of the top ceiling fans. Now, depending on your needs and budget, you can choose any one of them.

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