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The Best TWS Earbuds India August 2023

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There are several decent option for truly wireless earphones that cost less than INR 2500. True wireless earbuds have experienced a meteoric rise in popularity in recent years due to their portability and ease of use.

In this post, we’ll explore the best TWS earbuds India available for under INR 2500 right now in the online marketplace.

What to Look for in Budget TWS Earbuds

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When shopping for budget-friendly the best TWS earbuds India, there are a few key factors to consider:

  1. Sound Quality: In this price range, you can get decent sound with distinct MIDS and highs. But don’t anticipate thunderous bass.
  2. Battery Life: Expect a playback length of about 4-5 hours and an extra 12–15 hours when using the charging cover. Support for quick charging is beneficial.
  3. Comfort and Fit: The earphones should be comfortable to wear and well-fitting. For a better in-ear seal, more ear tips are preferred.
  4. Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3 is available for reliable and effective wireless communication.
  5. Sweat and Water Resistance: You may use them in mild rain or in the gym thanks to their basic splash resistance.
  6. Voice Calling: A few TWS earphones in the lower price range also let you place and receive calls.
  7. Simple Controls: touch or button controls for calling and audio playback.
Anker Sound Core R50i TWS Earbuds


Big Bass, Bluetooth 5.3, 30H Playtime, IPX5-Water Resistant

OnePlus Nord Budget TWS Earbuds

OnePlus Nord

Upto 25dB ANC 12.4mm Dynamic Titanium Drivers

boAt Air dopes 170 TWS Earbuds

boAt Air dopes

Low Latency Mode, 13mm Drivers, ASAP™ Charge, IPX4

1. Anker Sound Core R50i TWS Earbuds

Anker is a reputable brand when it comes to affordably cost, excellent sound technology. Their newest true wireless earphones, the Sound Core R50i, cost less than INR 3,000. This Sound Core R50i review will look at how well these inexpensive the best TWS earbuds India work and if they are worth buying.

Design and Comfort

The earphones and pill-shaped charging case of the Sound Core R50i have a discrete matte black appearance.

When properly installed, the in-ear earbuds’ silicone tips offer effective passive noise isolation. They were incredibly comfy for extended usage, in my opinion. The oblong casing may fit in a pocket.

Sound Quality

The R50i’s 10mm graphene drivers deliver pleasant sound. The concentration on bass and lower MIDS provides a slightly warm sound profile. The bass offers some good punch and depth when listening to pop and EDM music.

While the highs show acceptable detail without becoming harsh, the MIDS are smooth. Although the soundstage isn’t extremely large, it’s adequate for closed-back earphones.

Calling and Connectivity

The R50i’s call quality is respectable, and I could be heard well inside by the person on the other end. Ambient noise does occasionally bleed outside.

The Bluetooth 5.3 connection is reliable and has a 10-meter range. There were no significant audio dropouts that I noticed.

Life of the Battery

Impressive battery life of 10 hours for the earphones and an additional 30 hours from the case. I came pretty darn close to the advertised numbers during my tests. There are around three more complete charges in the case. Up to 90 minutes of playback time are available after 10 minutes of charging.

Summary: The Anker Sound Core R50i true wireless earbuds are a fantastic deal for less than 3000 rupees. The battery life is consistently lengthy, the sound quality is good, and the IPX5 designation gives users peace of mind. Although call quality and noise isolation might be improved, generally, the R50i is a fantastic low-cost another option.

The Best TWS Earbuds India

2. OnePlus Nord Buds CE Budget TWS Earbuds

The OnePlus Nord Buds CE are a set of reasonably priced true wireless earbuds that cost less than 3000 rupees. We’re going to explore the best TWS earbuds India.

Overall worth, design, usability, sound quality, and battery life in this review.

Looks and Fit

The Nord Buds CE feature a stem-like appearance with an outside glossy finish. Once you select the proper ear tip size, the earbuds are light and fit snugly.

Despite being rather thick, the matte casing is pocketable. The earphones offer touch controls for managing calls and playing music.

Audio Performance

The 12.4mm titanium drivers in the OnePlus Nord Buds CE produce satisfying sound. The bass and treble are enhanced, and the overall character is energetic.

The bass offers a respectable punch and depth when listening to EDM and pop. The highs show nice definition and sparkle, while the MIDS are clear. For a pair on a budget, the soundstage is decent yet immersive.

Call Quality and Connectivity

The Nord Buds CE has respectable call quality. The earphones include four microphones to help with call noise cancellation. Within a 10-meter radius, consistent communication is provided by Bluetooth 5.3. Low latency is also necessary for lag-free video watching.

Battery life

The battery life of the case, which lasts 36 hours, is also impressive, lasting 30 hours on the earbuds. With rapid charging, 5 hours of playtime are possible after just 10 minutes of charge. The case may be used to recharge the Nord Buds CE around four times.

Summary: The OnePlus Nord Buds CE offer exceptional value for less than INR. 3000. They are simple to suggest due to their vibrant sound, long battery life, secure fit, and minimal latency. Although the noise isolation might be improved, these best TWS earbuds India are among the best in the market right now for the money.

3. boAt Air dopes 170 Budget TWS Earbuds

Under 2000 rupees, you can buy a set of truly wireless earphones called the BoAt Air dopes 170. We’ll look at these entry-level best TWS earbuds India. Design, features, audio quality, battery life, and overall value in our review.

Design and Comfort

The Air Dopes 170 are comfortable and have a stem-style construction made of smooth, matte-finish plastic. Once you select the proper ear tip size, the earbuds are light and fit snugly.

The sleek body of the pill-shaped charging case has LED battery indications. The earphones have physical playback control buttons in addition to touch controls.

Audio performance

The Air Dopes 170’s 6mm drivers produce well-balanced audio. The signature has distinct MIDS and highs and is somewhat V-shaped. Although the bass rendering is passable, it lacks thud and depth.

Podcasts and audiobooks have clear, precise vocals. As one would expect from inexpensive earphones, the soundstage is small.

The Air dopes 170 have Bluetooth 5.3 built in for effective wireless communication. I didn’t notice any significant dropouts within a 10-meter radius.

They are great for movies and video games because of their reduced latency. The IPX4-rated earphones are sweat-resistant. In mono mode, each bud may be utilized separately.

Life of the Battery

Up to 50 hours of playback are possible with the small case, including 7 hours from the earbuds and an additional 33 hours from the case.

Via USB-C, the case charges swiftly in around 1.5 hours. It is beneficial since a short 10-minute charge gives 100 minutes of gameplay.

Summary: The BoAt Air dopes 170 provide excellent value for less than 2000 rupees thanks to their dynamic sound, sweat resistance, and long battery life.

Although call quality and noise isolation might be improved, the features and audio quality outweigh the low price. These best TWS earbuds India are some of the best cheap options out there.

Pros And Cons Of Using Best TWS Earbuds India


  • Total wireless freedom and portability
  • Intuitive tap or touch controls
  • Good noise isolation when fitted correctly.
  • Long battery life with a charging case
  • Sweat or water resistance for workouts
  • Support for Bluetooth codecs like AAC and APTX
  • Customizable sound via companion apps
  • Hands-free access to voice assistants
  • Quick charging support


  • More expensive than wired earphones
  • Their small size makes them prone to misplacement.
  • Audio quality depends on fit and seal.
  • Connection dropout issues in some models
  • Latency in video playback on certain devices

In Conclusion Of The Best TWS Earbuds India

Albeit more expensive, genuine wireless earphones provide unequaled mobility and exceptional convenience. Finding the appropriate fit is crucial for connectivity and audio quality.

For anybody searching for an immersive listening experience while traveling, high-end best TWS earbuds India are a great purchase.

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