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Havells Geyser in 25 Litre with 5 Star Rating

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Havells Geyser 25 Litre 5 Star / Available In 10 -15-25 Litre / Get Latest Price

In winter, geyser is an important appliance inside the house, which is also mandatory, otherwise you may have to take cold water bath, which is a difficult task in this increasing winter season.

Geyser is a good option, but the question comes which geyser should we take, there are various geyser making companies available in the market like AO Smith, Faber, Bajaj, Crompton, Havells etc.

Through this article, we will tell you which geyser you should buy. If there are 4 to 5 people in your family, then you must have a 25 liter geyser, which is enough for you.

After doing a lot of research, we recommend Havells Adonia vertical storage water heater which comes with advanced features. Here you get complete information about havells geyser 25 litre 5 star.

Features – Havells Geyser 25 Litre 5 Star

Havells Adonia Water Heater

Best 25 litre geyser with 5 star for Big family

Know, what the advanced features are given in this Havells Adonia Geyser.

Display: LED Indicator has been given in Havells Adonia, by which you can control the temperature from 25 °C to 75 °C, the panel has been given the option of plus and minus the temperature, which you can adjust according to your convenience. Two types of light are given in the LED Indicator blue for normal mode and Amber light shows the temperature you have set.

Compaq Design: The Company has kept the design of this geyser in round shape, which is very attractive to look at and fits in a small space in your bathroom.  

If we talk about the material, ultra-thick superior steel has been used in it, which is anti- rust free, this metal does not rust for a long time. This geyser comes with 8 bars which has high pressure rating. If you live in high rise building then this geyser can be ideal for you.

Heating Element: In Havells Adonia you get Incoloy glass coated heating element which is quite strong, it heats the water quickly by producing oxidation and carbonization without consuming much electricity. You get excellent performance even if you have hard water at home.

Safety: If we talk about the life of this Geyser, then it lasts for many years, anode rod has been fitted in it, which provides protection to the tank and also protects the elements, as a result of which you get amazing protection.


  • It comes with 25 liters capacity
  • Best for 5 big family
  • Ipx-4 protection for longer product life
  • Operate with remote control
  • Pressure: 8 bars
  • Bee rating: 5


  • Sometimes the remote control does not respond

Best Features Of Havells Water Heater

havells geyser 25 litre 5 star
havells geyser 25 litre 5 star

Rating By Customer Reviews and Feature

Conclusion – Havells Geyser 25 Litre 5 Star

We all know that various companies in India manufacture Geysers, which can be purchased from the online and offline market place, but sometimes it becomes difficult to decide which Geyser to buy, in this way we have done your work, has been made easy. If your budget is 15,000 – 16000 INR then you should go for Havells Geyser 25 Liter 5 Star which is sufficient for your family of 4 to 5 people.

As we have mentioned all the features provided by the company in this article, you must pay attention to all those factors so that you can get the best water heater. Which minimizes the consumption of electricity and remains firmly for years and years without any kind of any damage.

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